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Kwara State, located in the North Central region of Nigeria, is the heart of Tourism in Nigeria. There are so many hidden gems and wonderful tourist attractions to visit in the State. Kwara State is unique due to its diversity with various ethnic groups - Yoruba, Nupe, Baruba, Bokobaru, and Fulani who live peacefully amongst themselves. Kwara people are warm and hospitable; Kwara is indeed the State of Harmony. Kwara State is blessed with beautiful Landscapes and numerous waterfalls, the most popular being Owu Waterfall (one of the highest waterfalls in West Africa), Esie Museum (The first National Museum in Nigeria), Dada Pottery (the largest collection of women potters in Nigeria), the Historical Sobi Hill, The Second Longest Canopy Walkway in Nigeria at the Unilorin Zoological Garden and the historical town of Jebba among others.

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Tourist Attractions in Kwara State, Let’s Explore the Hidden Gems Together!

- Imoleboja Rock Shelter 
- Owu Waterfall
- Dada Pottery
- National Museum, Esie
- Durbar Festival, Ilorin
- Aso-Oke Weaving Centre
- Sobi Hills
- Emir’s Palace
- Unilorin Zoological Garden & Canopy Walkway
- Awon Mass Wedding
- Gaani Festival
- Regatta Festival, Patigi
- Shao, Moro LGA
- Unilorin Lake Resort
- Jebba City 

How about the food - you do not leave without our famous amala and ewedu, delicious Tuwo and Gbegiri, and Fura da Nono. We have a year-long of colourful festivals too. 

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Day 1

9:00 AM - West Africa Time - 2 hours
Sobi Hill Tour
At 394m above sea level, Sobi hills is the highest peak in Ilorin. From its top you can see almost every part of Ilorin town.  It derives its name from Sobi community where it is located in Ilorin, Kwara State. The hill which is a combination of two major rocks, is a smooth and steep-sided with gently undulating savannah. It has two conical tops which is a result of two merging rocks which formed the hill. It is one popular site that depicts the slogan of Kwara as 'The State of Harmony' Right on top of the rock, religious activities of both  Christians and Moslems go on without rancour but peaceful coexistence and worship.

Great for picnic, photo-shoot and hiking.

11:15 AM - West Africa Time
Dada Pottery
Cultural and Historical Tour (Sightseeing)

Amongst the numerous pottery centers in Nigeria, Dada Pottery of Kwara State is well-known for its artistry in pottery and is regarded as the largest traditional pottery workshop in Nigeria.

Located in the Dada area of Ilorin, Kwara State capital, the workshop showcases one of the traditional occupations of women in Ilorin. Virtually all the females in the area are potters and for more than a century, the women of Dada Okelele have perfected the art of pot making. Their perfectly designed vessels have earned them reputable recognition as the biggest traditional all-female enterprise in Nigeria.

1:00 PM - West Africa Time - 45 minutes
Packed Lunch

2:00 PM - West Africa Time - 1 hour
Aso Oke ( Alaro) Weaving Centre
Cultural and Historical Tour (Sightseeing)

Aso-oke or Aso ilu oke, (uptown clothes) is a traditional attire worn mostly by the Yoruba tribe for special occasions. Aso-oke is usually woven by young men to make outfits for both men and women.

Aso-oke textile has been patronized by Tourists within and outside the country over the years.

A stop at the Alaro Weaving centre is an experience you do not want to miss.

3:15 PM - West Africa Time
Emirs Palace Ilorin
The Emir of Ilorin's Palace is the seat of the Ilorin Emirate and the Chairman Council of Obas in Kwara State.  The Emir's Palace is one of the most visited tourist attractions and destinations in Ilorin because it is the perfect place  to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the history  and culture of the people of Ilorin. The Palace has different sections including inner Palaces saddled with different functions. It houses the magnificent Ilorin Central Mosque (arguably one of the most beautiful mosque in the country), The Turbanning Mosque (an ancient and the oldest mosque in Ilorin for Turbaning/Enthronement purposes) Shehu Alimi Quranic Centre, Special Palace for Northern Emirs, Traditional Khakaaki (Trumpets), Bembe (Drums), Palace Clinic, Mini-Stadium and Mini-Zoo.

Ilorin Central Mosque/Turbanning Mosque

Architectural design masterpiece, simply beautiful.

The Central Mosque in Ilorin the capital of Kwara State, is one of the most beautiful mosques in Nigeria.

The mosque was first built in the year 1977 and was officially opened for worship in the year 1988. As a result of dilapidation, the mosque was rebuilt in 2007 by specialists from more than 14 countries working on different sections of the mosque for six months, specialists from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria and so much more.

5:00 PM - West Africa Time
Return to Hotel 
Free Time for Resting

Day 2

9:00 am - West Africa Time - 2 hours
National Museum, Ilorin
Historical (Sightseeing)

The National Museum, Ilorin, located at No. 14 Abdulkadir Road, GRA Ilorin. is one of the museums created by the former Director-General of National Commission for Museums and Monuments, the late Prof Ade Obayemi in 1988 and till today it is still waxing stronger and has indeed been a center for education, entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment.

It has on display archaeological, ethnographic and craft shop units. Other features include the hair-do center, barbing salon center and relaxation center (museum kitchen). All these attract lot of visitors and tourists to the museum.

11:30 am - West Africa Time - 2 hours

Unilorin Zoological Garden & Canopy walk

Unilorin Zoological Garden and 320m Canopy Walkway is a combination of animal sighting and adrenaline pumping thrill, located at the famous University of Ilorin, Kwara State.

From seeing exotic animals, bird-watching etc thrills from the Canopy Walkway.

What a way to be refreshed!

1:45 pm - West Africa Time - 1 hour
Unilorin Lakeside

The University of Ilorin Lakeside is another wonderful attraction to visit in the city of Ilorin. It is located in the heart of the prestigious University of Ilorin. The serenity of the Lake is so heartwarming that visitors to the Lake cannot help but take a ride across the Lake.

There are sit-out canopies for relaxation, chit-chat, board games and there’s also a floating banquet hall on the lake for holding special events. There are life-guards stationed and patrolling the lake to forestall any danger.

The lake with it’s cool breeze also provides that purity of nature and calmness that every soul needs to connect with nature.

3:00 pm - West Africa Time - 1 hour
Amala Place/Iya Yusuf Restaurant
Both are local restaurants in the heart of Ilorin city where local cuisine is served. Overtime these restaurants have been a stop over place for tourists exploring the Ilorin city to enjoy local dishes like Amala, tuwo, efo riro and so much more.

5:00 pm - West Africa Time
Rest in Hotel

Day 3

7:00 AM  - West Africa Time

Breakfast at Hotel

7:30 AM  - West Africa Time

Jebba Historical Relics

History of Jebba City

Jebba is a city in Kwara State, Nigeria.It has incredibly beautiful views of the River Niger and as of 2007 had an estimated population of 22,411.

The town has the benefit of being split into North and South Jebba. South Jebba falling in Kwara State and North in Niger State. It is home to the largest papermill in West Africa, as well as being the of home of one of Nigeria's, three Hydro Electric Damns. Powering the whole of Nigeria, every day. It has also a monument to Mungo Park, in remembrance of the shipwreck which took place there, while he tried to trace the source of the Niger.

Tourist Sites:

1. The remains of Baikie's boat, the 'SS-Dayspring!. Baikie was sent to Africa to set up trading stations on the Niger his boat, unfortunately foundered on some hidden rocks at jebba on October 7th, 1857.

2. The Mungo Park and Lander monument, a white obelisk, is on the island in the middle of the river which is spanned by the bridges.

3. The Jebba Hydro-electro Dam - on the River Niger, north of Jebba. You can see it from the bridge.

4. Juju Rock. This is an outstanding rocky island in the River Niger which can also be clearly seen from the bridge. It is here that some extraordinary Nupe bronze figures, dating from the 15th century, were discovered. The nine Toesede bronzes, from here and from the village of Tada, are the largest cast bronzes ever found in Africa, and six are now in the National museum, Lagos. They have clear affinities with early Iife and Benin bronze-work.

5. Jebba Railway bridge


Boat to Juju hill and Cemetery (Optional)

1:00 PM  - West Africa Time

Packed Lunch

6:00 PM  - West Africa Time

Resting at Hotel

Day 4

8:00 AM - West Africa Time

Owu Waterfall

Owu Waterfalls is usually referred to as the wilderness in heaven. It is one of the most spectacular Waterfalls in Nigeria with a height of 120m above sea level and cascades 330 feet down an escarpment, with rocky out-crops to a pool of ice-cold water at the base. The waterfall is fascinating all year round. The more you shout  "owu" the more the water volume increases.

Owu Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in West Africa is perennial. It's famous for so many things including the ice cold pool below the fall. Enjoy both hiking, swimming and photoshoots.

1:00 PM - West Africa Time

Packed Lunch

5:00 PM - West Africa Time

Rest in Hotel

Day 5

11:00 AM - West Africa Time (3 hours)

Eromola Waterfall

Eromola, a compound word meaning Ero (River), and Omola (One who owns it) is a fascinating cascade located between Ajuba in Ekiti Local Government Area and Idofin-Igbana in Oke-Ero Local Government Area of the state. It is formed from River Ero which flows directly from Ikun town in Ekiti State into the main river and then to a point where the water becomes swift and descends into a gorge to form a waterfall known as Eromola which sneaks into the River Niger in Lafiagi.

For a first time visitor to the place, the sight and sound of such a wonderful natural endowment are simply breathtaking.

Located approximately 4 kilometres from the main town, Oke-Ero, Eromola is a popular spot among the people of the area and neighbouring towns who have come to see it as a refuge in many ways.

It is a spectacular work of nature with unique features flowing over a length of rocky ridges down the high cliff of about 50 metres above sea level and almost 70 metres wide at full flow. The fall, a wonderful sight to behold, is best viewed during the rainy season when the breeze is cool and refreshing. The site is equally fascinating during the dry season as it offers an awesome vista of the fabulous network of rock formations.

Eromola is traditionally worshipped by both the Idofin Igbana and Ajuba communities and there are different mysterious stories linking the site to some others in the area.

1:00 PM - West Africa Time

Packed Lunch

5:00 PM - West Africa Time

Rest in Hotel

Day 6

8:00 AM  - West Africa Time

Imoleboja Rock Shelters

The Imoleboja rockshelter is a massive granite rock with inner apartments capable of accommodating a large number of people. In the local dialect of the people it means 'God has built a house'. It is found in Odo-Owa, Kwara state. This is a massive rock formation with natural architectural design, capable of accommodating about 100 people at a time. It is a good site for picnic and monumental experience and culturally viewed by the people as a rock of refuge. The Rockshelter at various times served as a safety hide-out for local maidens who engaged in pre-marital relations and became pregnant.

Location/Accessibility: Located at Odo-Owa in Oke-Ero LGA. It is about 90km from Ilorin the state capital and accessible by road.

1:00 PM - West Africa Time

Packed Lunch

5:00 PM - West Africa Time

Rest in Hotel

Day 7

9:00 AM- West Africa Time - 8 hours

Esie Museum

Esie museum is located in Irepodun LGA of Kwara State, it was established in 1945.The museum is known for housing human-shaped stone figures.

The Origin of Soapstone figures is bewildering. Till date, it still remains a mystery. Indeed, nobody knows how these stone images exactly came about but a few explanations have been offered by inhabitants of the city. The most popular among them is that the 800 stone images were rebellious settlers who were turned into stone images.

The source claimed that these rebellious settlers were from another tribe of Yoruba-Land who sent words to Elesie (traditional chief of Esie land) that they were coming to settle down in his town but to their utter disappointment, they did not see anybody to receive them hence they settled outside the city of Esie.

It later became known that these settlers became a threat to the security of the city. They were undermining the administration of the chief and were about to rebel and as a result, the god of the land, being on the side of Elesie of Esie, turned these recalcitrant set of 800 settlers into stone statues.

However, this narration doesn't have  scientific backing.

1:00 pm - West Africa Time

Packed Lunch

5:00 pm - West Africa Time

Rest in Hotel

Day 8

Durbar (incase your visit during Eid Festival)

The Durbar festival is an annual cultural, religious and equestrian festival celebrated in several northern cities of Nigeria including Kano, Kastina, Sokoto, Zazzau, Bauchi, Bida and Ilorin. The festival marks the end of  the Muslim festivities of Eid al- Adha  It is very colourful and an awesome experience. This is an event to add to your bucket-list to attend.

1:00 PM - West Africa Time

Packed Lunch

5:00 pm - West Africa Time

Rest in Hotel

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