1. I need help with my booking, how do I contact you?

We can be contacted by sending an email to reservations@angelstyletravelng.com or calling any of our contact telephone numbers 012702095 or 08077750750

2. I need assistance with my booking

Kindly chat with an agent or send your request by email so we can help.

3. Can I change passenger name or spelling on the ticket?

A Passenger's name cannot be changed on a ticket/reservation but a few Airlines allow a spelling mistake on the name to be corrected with a penalty.

4. How many hours before my flight departs should I arrive at the airport to check-in?

At least 3 hours before departure time is ideal for you to arrive at the airport to complete all pre-boarding formalities.

5. How do I request Wheel-Chair services or meal preferences?

Kindly contact us via our email address with the ticket or booking reference number and your preference for us to assist

6. How do I select my preferred seat for my trip?

Advance seat selection is usually reserved for premium passengers and frequent flyers. While some airlines and travel classes allow pre-selection of the seat at the time of issuing the ticket, others charge a fee for the service. A large majority of Airlines allow seat selection only during online check-in. Kindly contact us if you need assistance with this request.

7. How many months' validity do I need on my passport to enable me to travel?

A minimum of 6 months of validity on your passport is the usual requirement.

8. What happens if I try to book/make a reservation and do not receive any confirmation?

When confirmation is not received, it is an indication that the booking is not complete as a Passenger Name Record (PNR) or booking reference will be generated for all completed/confirmed booking(s)

9. Can I book a flight with a stopover?

Yes, a flight with a stopover can be booked

10. How do I get a baby bassinet booked?

Baby bassinets are provided for all infants as they do not occupy a seat. Front row seats are usually reserved for passengers travelling with infants.

11. How do I book wheel-chair assistance or a special meal?

This can be done via the airline's website or you contact us for assistance to book this for you.

12. Where do I insert my frequent flyer no?

The frequent flyer no can be inserted via the airline website or we can help do that via our GDS booking system.

13. How long after booking on the website should I expect to receive a booking confirmation?

Immediately after the booking is completed, an email is sent to you.

14. Do I need to present my card for check-in when boarding?

This is usually not necessary as both the ticket and passport are the form of identification required. But if you purchased your ticket and made payment with a credit card, then it is a requirement

15. Can I travel to one destination and return from another destination?

Yes, this is possible, provided the arrival and departure destinations are within the same country or geographical region.

16. How do I book for an Unaccompanied Minor?

This varies from airline to airline as some airlines don't offer the service while those that do require paperwork to be completed to offer the service. You can call us for assistance on this

17. Who is an Infant passenger?

An infant passenger is a child aged below two years old. Child fares apply to any child aged between two years and under 12years old. Any child 12 years old and above is considered an adult

18. How do I know if my booking has been ticketed?

The Airline E-ticket number can always be found somewhere on the booking confirmation

19. Is my ticket refundable?

Some tickets are refundable while others are not. However, this condition as well as all the other ticket conditions, will be communicated to you by email before your ticket is issued.

20. What does it mean to have caused a no-show?

No show is caused if a passenger fails to show up to board the flight and didn't change the travel itinerary 6 hours before scheduled departure time.

21. When can I cancel my reservation if I am no longer traveling?

48 hours' notice prior to the departure date is ideal for cancellation

22. Is my ticket transferable to another passenger?

The ticket of one passenger is not transferable to another passenger as name change on a ticket is not permitted.

23. Do I need to confirm my flights with the airline?

You don't need to confirm the flight with the airline. Flight information is stored on the computer system, and the airline will inform the passenger if there is a flight cancellation or a change in flight schedule.

24. I saw a ticket at a certain price, and when I clicked on it, it gave me a higher amount; what do I do?

It is most likely that the seats for the price quoted earlier on during the search process are no longer available. You have the option to book at the new price.

25. Will accommodation be provided for long layovers?

This varies from Airline to Airline. Some airlines provide accommodation for a layover that is more than 5 hours for business class or first class passengers and 8 hours for economy class passengers. Other airlines do not provide this service.

26. How do I find out if there are health requirements for the country I am travelling to?

Kindly check the relevant country's official website for travel advisory or contact us if you need assistance on this request.

27. Am I expected to have a health certificate to fly?

Yes, most countries now require you to be double-vaccinated against Covid-19 and to show evidence of this by uploading a fit-to-fly health certificate before you can fly.

28. Am I expected to have hotel accommodation to be allowed to fly?

Not necessarily. All passengers are expected to have either a residential address or hotel accommodation to stay during their stay.

29. How do I book special baggage/sporting equipment?

This can be done via the airline's website, or you contact us for assistance

30. What items am I allowed to bring onboard?

We advise you to check the airline website a day before you travel.

31. What is the Baggage allowance for an International Airline?

Baggage allowance is usually one piece of 23kg each to most destinations on Economy class except otherwise specified. Luggage allowance is usually determined by the class of travel. It is usually specified on your ticket, but you can check with us the day before you travel or on the airline website

32. How do I add additional baggage to my booking?

This can be done via the GDS by contacting us or through the airline's website

33. How do I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer or cheque (details will be provided in the email confirmation).

34. When do I pay for the booking?

Immediately or not later than 24 hours after the booking is made because the fare, if not promptly issued, may change. Please note: Fares are subject to availability and may change without prior notice.

35. Do you offer installment payments?

No, we do not offer payment by installment

36. Can I pay with two different forms of payment?

Yes. Please contact us for further assistance.

37. I have purchased my ticket already, but I see the price has since changed, can I get a refund?

A ticket refund is processed if the ticket is refundable. If you have purchased a non-refundable ticket, it cannot be refunded.

38. Do I have to pay taxes on my tickets?

Yes, you are charged taxes and pay for them when you purchase your ticket as it is already included in the ticket cost.

39. How do i know the conditions attached to my Ticket?

Ticket conditions are sent with every reservation.

40. What if I book a ticket with more than one flight and only want to use some of the flights and cancel the others.

You cannot use a ticket out of sequence. If possible, you are advised to reroute your ticket.

41. Can I travel with a one-way ticket?

Yes and no. Yes. One way ticket can be used by a passenger who is travelling to hisusual country of residence (i.e. a passport holder, student visa or a permanent resident) No. Any other passenger cannot travel with a one-way ticket. They must hold a return ticket with a valid visa to his/her destination.

42. Can I reroute my ticket?

It depends. Yes, you can reroute if the ticket permits you to. Any ticket change is subject to the conditions of the ticket. If a reroute is not permitted on the ticket condition, then you cannot reroute the ticket.

43. How do I cancel my ticket?

We prefer you notify us of your intention to cancel your ticket by email at least 48 hours before your flight's scheduled departure. This usually attracts a cancellation fee.

44. If I miss my flight, can I still make changes to my booking?

If you miss your flight, you have caused a no-show. Whether you can change your booking after you miss your flight depends on the type of ticket you paid for and the ticket conditions. Only flexible, and some premium tickets allow date change after a no-show. On most bargain tickets, no, you cannot change your ticket if you miss your flight i.e. the ticket no longer has any value after you cause a no-show.

45. If I can no longer travel, can I get my money back?

Yes, if the ticket is refundable. You will get your money less the applicable cancellation fee. No, you cannot get your money back if you purchased a non-refundable ticket.

46. Can I upgrade my ticket?

Yes, tickets can be upgraded to a higher class, provided the ticket the condition allows for an upgrade


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